DimSum: Chinese Tools

Many people have requested versions of the tools on On-line Chinese Tools that can be run locally. DimSum is the answer to these requests. I've integrated most of the tools on the website into one package: DimSum. Right now it supports adding pinyin to text files, Rich Text Format files, and web pages. Be aware that there's still a lot of improvement to be done and the program may run slowly. Your suggestions are welcome. Send them to erik@mandarintools.com.

Running the Program

With this tool you can view text files, RTF files (Word can save documents to this format) and web pages in Chinese. By default, whenever you put the mouse over a Chinese character, the pronunciation and English definition will appear in a pop-up window.






Besides the reading assistant and Chinese-English dictionary, DimSum includes a variety of tools to help with understanding and processing the Chinese language and culture. Below are


Calendar Converter

Chinese Name Generator

Create Chinese GIFs

Currency Converter

You will need to be connected to the Internet to use this program.

Family Titles



Romanization Converter