Convert HTML Escape Sequences back into GB, Big5, or UTF-8

Many HTML editors save the 8 bit sequences used in GB, Big5, and UTF-8 encodings as the ampersand escape sequences used in HTML to represent characters that might otherwise confuse the browser. However, while this may be needed for ampersands (&) and brackets (<>), every web browser I've seen can handle eight-bit data just fine. When you download a file with these sequences and view it in something besides a browser, you can't see the original characters. This application will convert these escape sequences back into eight-bit data (whether it be GB, Big5, or UTF-8 encoded) so it can be used and viewed by other applications.

To use this web application, simply use the browse button to select the name of the file to convert, then click on "Submit File". The converted file will then appear in your web browser. Once the file appears, the user can select "Save" on the web browser menu and save the results to a separate file.

As far as I know, this application will only work on Netscape 2 and above. If anyone has success with it using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, please let me know. Please also let me know of any bugs you find or of any improvements you would like to see.


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