Chinese Romanization Converter

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Over the years, many dozens of different Romanization systems have been devised to represent Chinese characters phonetically. While Hanyu Pinyin is now the most commonly used system, others are still used for scholarly and teaching purposes. This tool will take text using one form of Chinese Romanization and convert it into a different Romanization. Write or paste the text into the top text area, select the source and target Romanization types, and then click on "Convert!". The converted text will appear in the bottom window.

Some set up is necessary to run this applet. There is also a previous version of the applet doesn't need additional set up and that runs on Netscape Navigator 4.06 or Internet Explorer 4.0. It will not run on earlier versions of these browsers.

This tool will not convert characters to pinyin. It will also not convert pinyin to characters. It only works between different Romanizations (and Zhuyin Fuhao). The Zhuyin Fuhao, aka "BoPoMoFo", will likely display only as question marks. This will be corrected in the next release. Hanyu Pinyin in this tool uses numerals (1-4) to represent tone. Tone marks will be added as an option in the next release. Finally, umlauted letters (such as "u" or "o") can also be input using the convention of typing the un-umlauted letter followed by a colon (:).

View a comparison chart of the various systems.

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