Chinese Encoding Converter

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This new version of my encoding converter has many improvements over the previous version, including the much asked for ability to run as a stand-alone program.


The program will only convert text files. It will not work on word processor files (unless they are saved in text format). To use it, first select the encoding of the source text file, then click on select the name of the source text file. Next select the encoding to convert to and use the bottom "Choose File" button to select the name of the target file. Finally, press the "Convert File" button. The program show a pop-up indicating when conversion is finished.

This converter also has a batch mode. In the source, choose the name of a directory. In the target, choose the name of a different directory (it must not be subdirectory of the source). The converter will recursively convert all files in the source directory and place the converted version in the target directory, keeping the original directory structure within the source directory. The tool will automatically detect the encoding of the source directory files, so you can mix files of many different encodings. They will all be converted to the target encoding.

Set Up

This converter has two new requirements that must be met to run. Instructions on how to do this for various computer platforms are available in the Java Set-up page.


You can download the source code for the converter or read instructions for running it off-line.

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